Shibuya PARCO

The newly renovated Shibuya PARCO is open!

The new PARCO in Shibuya is now open, boasting a whole host of popular stores including the official Nintendo Store Tokyo, Pokemon Center Shibuya, and more. 

What’s Shibuya PARCO?

One of the newest buildings in Shibuya, PARCO is a department store that caters towards a young, hip crowd. It’s actually a renovation of the older PARCO that used to be in the same location. Construction started back in —- and for a long time, denizens of Shibuya just saw a wall surrounding the area. 

Opening Day!

We hopped into Shibuya PARCO on its opening day, and boy was it packed! There was a line out the door, spanning several streets. We were daunted at first, but decided to give it a shot — fortunately, it was only a few minutes of waiting in the rain to get into the store. 

For the Nintendo store and Pokemon Center, you have to get a ticket, which says the time you can line up. We arrived at 11:30 and got a ticket for 3pm. From there, they told us it takes about two hours! Crazy. 

Shibuya PARCO Highlights

Chaos Kitchen (Food on B1F)

On the basement floor, you’ll find restaurants, cafes, bars, and more. Apparently there’s one store that gets a massive line out the door. Maybe we’ll check this one out when the crowd dies down a bit.

This covers most of the food shops on this floor, but you can get a full list on the official floor guide.

Cyberspace Shibuya (6F)

This is an otaku’s dream floor, packed with anime and gaming fun. Here, you’ll find several major stores worth your attention: the Nintendo Store, Pokemon Center Shibuya, the Capcom Store, the Jump Shop, and the Touken Ranbu Yorozuya, among others. There’s a pop-up theater area as well – during the opening days, they had the Digimon movie playing.

Parco Museum Tokyo (B1F, 4F)

This is another area geared towards folks into otaku culture. Here, you’ll find rotating exhibits for various anime and games. For the opening, they’re showing the AKIRA artwork that used to be on the wall during construction in their AKIRA ART OF WALL exhibit.

Cool fashion and goods (1F – 5F)

Of course, let’s not forget all the cool fashion you can find at Shibuya PARCO. On many of the main shopping floors, you’ll come across fun clothing brands. Even if you’re not into shopping, it’s worth it to take a look and see the diverse fashion PARCO offers.

Shibuya PARCO

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