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Updated: Jan 2021

Immerse yourself in the Nintendo universe by visiting the official store in Shibuya, Japan. Currently, the only other official store is located in New York, and so the Shibuya location is known as Nintendo Tokyo. If you yearn for more Nintendo interaction, you will soon be able to walk amongst your favorite characters within Super Nintendo World.

The Tokyo store is located in the recently opened PARCO flagship department storeーwith over 20 floors of shops, restaurants, and office and event spacesーjust north of Shibuya Station where the popular Scramble Crossing and famous Hachiko Statue resides.

Nintendo Tokyo is located on the 6th floor alongside Pokemon Center Shibuya and other gaming and anime-themed shops. The entire 6th floor of the Parco building has been dubbed “Cyberspace Shibuya” and includes other shops such as the Capcom Store and Jump Shop. Check out PARCO’s shop listings here.

What Merchandise to Buy at Nintendo

Besides the Switch, you’ll be able to buy exclusive content for many different characters, such as Mario, Zelda, and Splatoon. With dedicated sections for each game, it’s impossible not to leave without grabbing a character-themed phone case or one (maybe two) sweets.

You don’t want to miss the new lines of Animal Crossing goods. They have sets of stationary, summerwear, loungewear, and even kitchen supplies and wristwatches!

Animal Crossing Merchandise at Nintendo Store Tokyo
Nintendo Store Tokyo Merchandise

Getting Into the Store

In order to enter the Nintendo or Pokemon store, you have to get a ticket and a wristband with a specified time to come back later. Opening day for the Nintendo Store Tokyo was pretty crazy as expected… but luckily crowd management was in full effect. We managed to snag a wristband but even then, we had to come back and wait for an additional two hours.

Now that time has passed, so has the craze and queues. You can easily grab a ticket and get inside the store without waiting a lifetime. To ensure you have no issues, you can get an entrance ticket before the store opens at 10 AM. Even if your ticket is for later in the afternoon, you will have plenty to see and explore in Shibuya.

If you happen to be in Tokyo and won’t have time to wait, you can still get your Nintendo fix by visiting the other official Nintendo stores such as the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro and the Pokémon Center Tokyo DX in Ginza.

Nintendo Tokyo

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