Pokémon Store Tokyo Station

At the corner of Character Street in First Avenue Tokyo Station, you’ll find a small Pokemon store packed with cute plushies, games, giftable food, and more. At this location, you’ll find Pikachu in an adorable train conductor hat, perfect for Tokyo Station!

Sometimes you’ll also come across mini giveaways, like this one: a free Shibuya Pikachu just for walking in! Spoiler alert: There’s a new Pokemon Center Shibuya that opened up inside the newly renovated PARCO building.

Shibuya Pikachu trading card
Shibuya Pikachu trading card
Pro Tip

Do you have a bit more time? If you’re looking for more Pokemon fun, there’s also the Pokemon Center Tokyo DX inside the Nihombashi Takashimaya East Building. It’s about 10 minutes away from Tokyo Station. If you made a reservation, you can also enjoy the Pokemon Cafe next to it too.

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