Tokyo Character Street

Shopping concourse full of anime and manga character stores inside Tokyo Station

Find tons of cute merchandise stores on the basement floor of Tokyo Station. Tokyo Character Street is one section of First Avenue Tokyo Station, the underground shopping concourse that spans half of the station.

Highlights of Tokyo Character Street

You’ll find rows and rows of stores here, along with the occasional pop-up store. Here are some highlights to check out.

Pokemon Store Tokyo Station

What anime area is complete without Pokemon? Find train conductor Pikachu at this mini Pokemon store.

Ghibli Store (Donguri Kyowakoku)

Get your Ghibli merch at the Donguri Kyowakoku. Take some photos of that adorable Totoro sleeping on the tree and the Jiji in the corner.

Jump Store

One Piece, Gintama, and My Hero Academia fans can grab some fun merch here.

Tokyo Gashapon Street

Rows and rows of capsule toy machines! You’re sure to find something you like here, regardless of whether you’re an adult or a small child.

Rilakkuma Store

Relax with Rilakkuma at their adorable store. They have quite a big space for their merchandise, so you can expect to find some cool seasonal stuff together with their standard offerings.

Getting to Tokyo Character Street

Getting there can be difficult if you’re not used to Tokyo Station. First, find your way towards Yaesu North Exit. Once you’re out, find the signs that go to First Avenue Tokyo Station. There are multiple entrances, so see if you can spot one near you.

From there, just follow the signs. It’s towards the northern side of the station. If you need some ramen for lunch, Tokyo Ramen Street is on the southern side. Have fun!

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