Unicorn Gundam Diver’s City (Odaiba)

Unicorn Gundam Statue Odaiba

Life sized action

A mecca for Gundam fans and enthusiasts, an amazing giant robot statue for the rest. The Unicorn Gundam Statue is located next to the Diver’s City Tokyo Plaza on Odaiba. Measuring 19.7 meters (64.6 Feet) tall the statue is considered an accurate 1:1 scale model and must see for any otaku,


If the Unicorn Gundam statue is on your list to do when visiting Tokyo, try to stop by during one of the 4 “transformation” events starting at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm. Although we all dream about it, the statue will not actually start moving and transforming. It will just open up some panels to display a light show along with some fog and epic background music.

The statue is located just outside of Tokyo on Odaiba, you will have to cross the Rainbow Bridge to get there. Once there, head over to the Diver’s City mall. The statue is a free exhibit to see at the entrance of Diver’s City and there is a Gundam Cafe and Pop up shop where you can pick up some exclusive Unicorn Gundamn souvenirs.

Inside the Diver’s City mall is also a Gundam Base store on the 7th floor where you can buy model kits as well as browse some of the amazing Gun Pla (the hobby of assembling model kits) models. You’ll find some amazing competition wining models assembled and painted on display. You’ll also find some additional exclusives not found on the ground floor pop up shop.

Unicorn Gundam Statue Odaiba

If you are visiting Odaiba to see one of Team Lab’s Borderless or Planets digital art museums, swing by to take a look at this amazing statue, even if you’re not a fan. Diver’s city is a large shopping mall with a large food court right near the base of the Gundam. A nice spot to take a break and enjoy the view.

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