Top 5 Unique Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

Modern, unique capsule hotels to make the best of your stay in Tokyo

The Millenials Shibuya - Tokyo, Japan
The Millenials Shibuya – Tokyo, Japan

In recent years, Japan has seen a boom in modern one-person accommodations. Tokyo capsule hotels have reinvented small spaces to be trendy and hip – you’ll find futuristic pods, themed interiors, and more. Solo travelers, this is for you.

1. Hotel Zen Tokyo

Hotel Zen Tokyo has transformed the standard capsule hotel into a Zen dreamland. Relax with the simple Japanese interior and classy amenities. It’s located next to Ningyocho Station, 15 min away from Tokyo Station by train.

Prices hover around $30 – $60 per night. Highly rated.

2. Book and Bed Tokyo

What would it be like to sleep in a book shop, but with actual beds? Book and Bed Tokyo offers a unique experience where you can curl up with your favorite books and be in the company of likeminded others.

There are several locations, so you can have your pick between Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Asakusa. Each one is very conveniently located – you’ll have no problem getting around by train.

Prices are around $40 – $60 for one night, depending on the location.

Book and Bed Tokyo

3. Henn Na Hotel

Futuristic Japan is here with Henn Na Hotel, the world’s first robot hotel chain. It’s literally “weird hotel,” where you’ll be greeted by robots rather than your run-of-the-mill humans.

There are five locations in central Tokyo, although many of these are located in business districts. Ginza and Asakusa Tawaramachi are probably better bets for sightseeing. There’s also one ten minutes away from Haneda Airport, if you’re flying out of it.

You can read more about Henn Na Hotel here.

Henn Na Hotel

4. The Millenials Shibuya

Located in the heart of Shibuya, Tokyo, The Millennials Shibuya provides a trendy, comfortable and quality stay. Only a 5-minute walk from the Hachiko exit of Shibuya station, this hotel is perfect if you want to stay where the action is.

This place also offers unique trademarked “Smart Pods” that harness IoT to let you control your room from your multifunctional key.

Read more about this hotel here.

5. Khaosan Tokyo Samurai

Want to feel like you’re in a samurai house? Khaosan Tokyo Samurai may have what you’re looking for. Located next to Asakusa Station, you’ll be only a few minutes’ walk away from the famed Sensoji Temple.

This one is closer to the hostel experience, as they have community events where you might meet a new friend or two. You’ll find on their Facebook page that there’s plenty going on and friendly staff as well.


You’ll find lots of capsule hotels, but if you want to experience something different, these five are great options. For a futuristic experience, The Millenials Shibuya and Henn Na Hotel are good bets. For cool interiors, check out Hotel Zen and Book and Bed. Finally, for a fun time, try Khaosan Tokyo Samurai.

Enjoy your time in Tokyo!

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