Amazing Craft Beer At Tokyo’s Spring Valley Brewery

Spring Valley Outdoors

This is a place for people who love beer and the finer things in life. Spring Valley Brewery is a little fancier than many small craft beer shops that are springing up all over Tokyo. Instead, this restaurant offers a posh experience that is sure to impress your date.

A Beautiful Atmosphere

Spring Valley Beer Awards

Some of the many awards Spring Valley Brewery has received for their beer.

The restaurant interior is shiny and modern. Behind large glass walls separating the dining space, you can see the metal fermentation tanks where the beer is made during the day. Outside the restaurant, there is a large patio with outdoor seating and heat lamps to keep you warm on chilly nights.

Try The Spring Valley Beer Flight

If you are like me and love a delicious pint, then you must try the beer flight, which is a sampler of 3 different varieties. Each beer comes in a small, 100ml tasting glass. My flight consisted of the Daikanyama IPA, Daikanyama Session Ale, and the Hassaku Bitter. They were all amazing!

Try the 3-beer sampler

Try the 3-beer sampler flight at Spring Valley Brewery.

Or if you already have a preference, you can order larger drinks from the impressive drink menu. Each beer is served in pint (570ml), regular (360ml), and half (200ml) sizes.

The food menu is amazing as well and all items have a recommended beer pairing, even the desserts! There is a wide variety of food, from snacks and appetizers to T-bone steak and sweets.

Cheesecake and Craft Beer?

The dessert menu has a recommended pairing for each menu item, and all are delicious! I can personally recommend both the chocolate cake and the cheesecake. The cheesecake is thick and moist in the middle, with a slightly crispy top, and is served with a side of maple syrup. Yum!

Cheesecake and maple syrup

Try the Spring Valley Cheesecake with maple syrup!

Address: 13-1 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Log Road Daikanyama
Open: Monday-Saturday 9:00-23:00 (LO 22:00), Sunday 9:00-22:00 (LO 21:00)
Website: Spring Valley Brewery

  • Terrace seats are open until 22:00 (Excluding winter)
  • No regular holidays

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