Terra Burger & Bowl: Tokyo Vegan Burgers

Terra Burger & Bowl: Tokyo Vegan Burgers

Terra Burger & Bowl, a quick walk from Daikanyama Station in the upscale Shibuya neighborhood of Daikanyama, is here to meet your vegan and gluten-free needs!

With more than 200 Michelin-star restaurants in Tokyo alone, Japan is a huge foodie hotspot. However, vegan and vegetarian options can be somewhat difficult to find. Thankfully, there have been a number of cafes and restaurants opening in recent years with 100% vegan menus so that you are not stuck cooking at home, and Terra Burger & Bowl is the best solution to satisfy your burger cravings.

They use an entirely vegan menu, so there’s no need to worry about scouring through their pages to find out what you can eat.

Meatless options to satisfy your cravings

Cruelty-free burgers and bowls

Terra Burger & Bowl offers the option of two different patty sizes. You can also order vegan sides like coleslaw, vegan chicken, or potatoes.

Terra Burger  Bowl menu

The menu is full of familiar favorites to fulfill your foodie fantasies! There are even dairy-free cheesy options and gluten-free buns for an extra 100 yen.

The Buddha Bowls menu showing an array of bowls from their Fully Falafel to Cajun Chikn to The Great Gapao

Buddha Bowls and Drinks

They also have a wide selection of bowls.

Just like their burgers, each bowl takes on a theme, such as Thai gapao or Cajun chicken.

They also have a selection of drinks and organic beer.

Terra Burger & Bowl to-go and at home

You can purchase vegan cheese and sausages to take home and incorporate into your own cooking, as well!

The Cajun Chik’n bowl was full of tasty veggies, and the vegan chicken tasted like the real thing. The Avocado Burger was packed with avocado, and the vegan bun was just the right texture. The patty was juicy and flavorful just as well

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