Tokyo Ramen Street

Tokyo Station’s famous ramen street, boasting some of the best ramen in the city

Looking for ramen in the Tokyo Station area? Look no further, as there’s a whole street lined with ramen stores. It’s located in the basement floor, easily accessible from the Yaesu South exit from the JR lines.

The Stores at Tokyo Ramen Street

Right off the bat, you’ll find that some of these stores are more well known. 


The originator of the hearty dipping soup of tsukemen dipping ramen. It has over 2,000 reviews on Google and usually a long line out the door.

Sorairo NIPPON

This place is famous for its vegan ramen. Apparently it was also featured on Michelin Guide Tokyo 2015.

Oreshiki Jun

Serves rich and salty tonkotsu pork bone broth ramen.


Salt ramen specialty store, by Setaga-ya, the ramen shop on Kan-nana Expressway that has regular lines out the door.


Tonkotsu ramen with a unique anchovy (niboshi) flavor.


The second store of one of Tokyo’s famous ramen shops in Ichigaya. Their unique soup is a balanced blend of animal and fish.


A brand created by Ikaruga’s founder.


Miso ramen specialty store, serving ramen in a rich soup.

Getting to Tokyo Ramen Street

Getting down to Tokyo Ramen Street can be difficult if you’re not used to Tokyo Station. If you came by train, go towards Yaesu South Exit.

Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit
Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit

Once you get out this way, find the way to get to the basement floor. There are multiple entrances, so see if you can spot one near you.

Once you’re down there, just follow the signs. Enjoy your ramen!

Tokyo Ramen Street sign

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