The Tokyo Whisky Library in Omotesando

The Tokyo Whiskey Library in Omotesando

Treat yourself to some of the finest whiskeys and bourbons Japan has to offer at the charming Tokyo Whisky Library in Omotesando.

So Many Choices!

Everyone enjoys the finer things in life, and the upper-class Omotesando district is usually a pretty good place to go. Known for its designer shops and fancy eateries, it is also the place to go if you are looking for upscale liquor.
Featuring a selection of more than 1,200 different kinds of whiskey, scotch, and bourbon from all over the world, there is something for any taste at the Tokyo Whisky Library.

Some of the 1200 bottles of whiskeys available at the Tokyo Whiskey Library

▲ The whiskey bible

It is definitely exactly as the name describes – a library of whiskey. Thousands of bottles line the walls, and you can either choose directly from the wall or peruse the so-called whiskey bible to help you narrow it down. The word bible does seem apt when you realize that it consists of a whopping 118 pages!


If you’re looking for even more variety in your adult beverages, there is also a cocktail menu (whiskey-based, of course, and changing with the seasons, so there’s always something new to try).

Everything we sampled from the menu was absolutely wonderful, from the Godfather (whiskey and amaretto) to a house special infused with berries. It is worth noting though, that it is not cheap – a glass of whiskey or a cocktail goes for about 2000 yen each.

Two whiskey-based cocktails at the Tokyo Whiskey Library

▲ Absolutely wonderful but it cost you around 2,000 yen

A Bite (Or Two) To Eat

The whiskey library does, however, offer more than just whiskey. There is a food menu featuring everything from snacks for while you sip on your drink; to charcuterie boards or full meals of seafood, salads or pastas. If you want to decide before going, you can check out their food menu here.

Date Spot

The atmosphere alone almost makes it worth a visit. Whiskeys lining the walls, big wooden tables making one feel as if you are in the parlor of a Victorian-era mansion, complete with deer mounted on the walls as if the owner of the mansion is an adventurer, scouring the world for the smoothest liquors.

In my opinion, it is a perfect spot for a romantic night out, so if you’re trying to impress that special someone, this might be the perfect place to take them to.

Three antelopes mounted on the wall as decoration at the Tokyo Whiskey Library


A mere two minutes walk from exit B2 of Omotesando station, Tokyo Whisky Library can easily be accessed via the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda, Ginza or Hanzomon Lines. Directions here.

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