09/21-11/9 – The Little Mermaid Cafe – 30th Anniversary

Celebrate 30 years of The Little Mermaid with OH MY CAFE, going from 9/21/2019 to November

OH MY CAFE has been doing several Disney collab cafes recently, starting with Wreck It Ralph, Aladdin, Toy Story, and now The Little Mermaid! It also happens to be the 30th anniversary since the creation of the movie. So why not celebrate with a themed cafe?

They’ll have it in four locations across Japan — Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Sapporo!

Tokyo (Harajuku)
9/21/2019 – 11/9/2019Online Reservation
9/21/2019 – 11/10/2019Online Reservation
9/27/2019 – 11/10/2019Online Reservation
9/22/2019 – 10/14/2019Online Reservation

The Menu at Little Mermaid Cafe


Man, they went all out with these. The setup is so pretty! If you’re up for great, photogenic food, this is your cafe! Just be prepared to shell out a bit more, since the food prices are a bit high.


Cute themed drinks from the sea! You can get a little coaster with some of these drinks if you pay a bit more, shown in the top right of the image.

Getting a Reservation

Reservations are highly recommended for cafes like these. You can get one right on their official site (Japanese). Reservations cost 500 yen per person.

Reservation Extras

They’re giving these cute little folders per person with a reservation. You can choose from 30 designs!

Four Locations

Reservations are open already, so if you’re in one of the four cities while the collab cafe is going on, try it out!

The Little Mermaid Cafe – Tokyo – OH MY CAFE TOKYO

The Little Mermaid Cafe – Osaka – kawara CAFE&DINING Shinsaibashi

The Little Mermaid Cafe – Nagoya – kawara CAFE&KITCHEN Nagoya Parco

The Little Mermaid Cafe – Sapporo

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