The Kirby Cafe Tokyo Skytree Solamachi

Now open as of December 10, 2019!

The Kirby Cafe at Tokyo Skytree Solamachi is open! Featuring Nintendo’s popular character Kirby and his friends, the Kirby Cafe offers a variety of amazingly decorated food that is surprisingly tasty.

The cafe is now open for winter 2019! If you’re in town, you’re in luck! The cafe is reservation-only, so get one here.

Read our review of our visit, so you can get a good feel for the experience! Or check out the menus for Winter 2019.

Kirby Cafe

Hours: 10am – 9pm Daily (Reservations only)
Price: 1,000 – 2,480 Yen ($10-$24 USD)
Address: 1 Chome-1-28 Oshiage, Sumida City, Tokyo 131-0045 (Solamachi East Yard – Cafe: 4F, Store: 2F)

It’s here! Here’s what’s available at the Kirby Cafe this winter.

Kirby Cafe Winter 2019
Kirby Cafe Winter 2019


We’re seeing a lot of cute fast food here, including a Kirby burger, Waddle Dee omelet rice, and some vegetable-based options.


They have a variety of pizzas you can order, including a half-and-half where you can also take home the Kirby-shaped board.


A couple of options here – one with tomato-based sauce and the other cream.


They also have a few side dishes to go with your meal – salads, bread, and more.


They’re serving some adorable Kirby desserts at the cafe! The warp star apple pie comes with some cute souvenir figurines to take home.


Cute Kirby-themed drinks! All drinks come with a free coaster. The latte comes with the souvenir mug.

Previous Menu Items

The Kirby Cafe is only open during select seasons, and it seems they change up their menu every time. Here are some cool foods and drinks we saw during its summer 2019 opening.

Kirby Cafe in Tokyo, Japan

Getting a Reservation

The Kirby Cafe does not accept walk-ins and you will need to make a reservation ahead of time. The online booking system will mostly like show that it is completely booked 3-4 months out already but you may be able to purchase tickets through a travel agency. If you’re lucky, you may catch a cancellation and be able to book directly through the website here –

Fun Merch at Kirby Cafe: The Store

Even if you aren’t able to book a time to have a meal or dessert there, it is worth stopping by the cafe area if you’re a fan of Kirby or Nintendo as there is the store open to the public as well. It’s on the second floor of Solamachi East Yard. You can even purchase the Maxim Tomato Mug cup that they serve stew in for their “Maxim Tomato Complete Recovery Plate”. Not a bad way to energize in the morning…

Full Review: Our Visit to the Kirby Cafe Tokyo

Kirby Cafe Tokyo interior

It’s open! We hopped in on the second day after opening. We had made reservations on the official site – they asked for an ID, the confirmation number in the RSVP email, and the name we reserved with. So yes, bring your government ID.

Inside, there’s a giant Wispy overlooking the entire cafe. The shop is towards the back, where you can browse while you’re waiting for your food. The staff tell you to look for all the tiny Kirbys and Waddle Dees around the cafe, so you can do that too .

The Food

The food quality here was great! We’re perhaps getting kind of used to paying for the cuteness and not so much for the taste, but the food here actually tasted very good. We’d go back if it weren’t so expensive. There was someone celebrating their birthday here as well, so maybe it makes sense if you’re willing to splurge for that.

The Kirby Burger had plenty of meat despite its small size, and the corn soup was pretty good. The Waddle Dee Omelette Rice had some meat hidden under the egg, quite good as well. It was cute – the waitress told us to eat Waddle Dee slowly so we don’t wake him up.

The fried dough balls were yum. They came with some kind of curry powder and a sweet sauce. The Kirby Pancakes had one thick pancake below a sorbet-like ice cream. The hat was white chocolate.

The Kirby Cafe Shop

Kirby and Waddle Dee are everywhere, from ceramic mugs to keychains to little cookie packets you can hand out to your friends. They have a tiny version of the Maxim Tomato cup, so you can probably store condiments like hot chili sauce or something in there.

You pay for your meal at the register inside the shop, so you can grab something on your way out.


If you’re a big Kirby fan, definitely consider checking it out. The food is on par with the rest of delicious Japan, and we were pretty full after our meal. The total for our four items was around $50, so $25 per person.

Kirby Cafe

Hours: 10am – 9pm Daily (Reservations only)
Price: 1,000 – 2,480 Yen ($10-$24 USD)
Address: 1 Chome-1-28 Oshiage, Sumida City, Tokyo 131-0045 (Solamachi East Yard – Cafe: 4F, Store: 2F)

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