Thai Street Food Ikebukuro

Satisfy your Thai food cravings in Ikebukuro

Okay, so maybe you’re not in Japan for Thai food. But Thai Street Food Ikebukuro and its sister shops are delicious, with so much flavor that it has become a bit of an addiction for me. Whenever I have a green curry craving, this is where I go. 


Their lunch prices are reasonable, hovering around the 1,000 – 1,400 range. Expect dinner prices to run a bit higher. 

Lunch menu

Tare Poppan Curry
This is one of my favorite dishes here. It’s eggy, kind of on the sweet side of savory, and full of seafood. If you make it to lunch, they serve soup and a fresh spring roll on the side. 

Gapao rice
It’s minced meat stir-fried with bell peppers. Pretty solid, savory meal. I find it interesting how in Japan, the most popular dish seems to be this, in comparison to pad thai seen in the US. Of course, you can still get your pad thai fix here.

Green curry
This is my go-to if I want something spicy and with veggies. Never disappoints. 

A citywide chain of quality Thai restaurants

Thai Street Food logo
You can do take out here, apparently.

Thai Street Food Ikebukuro is run by a company that also operates a ton of other branches. I first tried their food at the Jiyugaoka store, called Krung Siam. At the time, I didn’t know these stores were related, but I realized they have a bunch of business cards lying around that hinted at other locations. And no joke, many of the Thai restaurants I had visited just happened to be under their brand. Wow. No wonder the menus looked similar! With that in mind, feel free to check out the other sister stores instead if Ikebukuro is not the right location for you.

Pro tip
You might find a line around lunchtime, but don’t worry. It’ll clear up in a few short minutes. I think there were five people in front of me the last time I went, and I got a seat in under 10 minutes. 

Thai Street Food Ikebukuro

Hours: 11am – 11pm
Address: 1 Chome-1-25 Nishiikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo-to
Price: 1,000 – 2,500 Yen Range ($10-25 USD)
Website: (Japanese)

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