Snoopy Museum Tokyo

Snoopy Museum Tokyo is opening December 14, 2019

Snoopy Museum Tokyo

A new Snoopy Museum Tokyo is opening at the new Grandberry Park in Machida, Tokyo. It’ll be the only other location for the Charles M. Schulz Museum in California.

They ran a Snoopy Museum back in April 2016 for a couple of years before it closed. This new location will be a lot bigger, displaying lots of Schulz’s original work. There’s a lot going on at this Snoopy Museum, as they will have a store, a cafe, and a workshop. The PEANUTS Cafe is already in operation as of November 2019.

Snoopy Museum Tokyo Gallery

The first exhibit is “HERE COME THE BEAGLE SCOUTS!” which runs from 12/14/2019 – 6/28/2020.


Peanuts Cafe

At the Peanuts Cafe, you can try some cute Peanuts-themed food and drinks. Maybe a nice lunch spot on your day at the museum.

The Store

You can also grab some cute Snoopy gear at their museum store. They also have some unique collab products, such as the Snoopy-themed Milk Caramel… yum.

The Workshop

At the Snoopy Museum Tokyo workshop, you can learn to make your own Snoopy plushies, draw Peanuts characters, and more. For this, you’ll need a reservation. You can see the full offerings on their site.

Snoopy Museum Tokyo Workshop

Getting Tickets

Tickets are already on sale at the following prices. They cost 200 yen more at the door, so if you know your schedule ahead of time, it’s recommended that you buy your tickets in advance.

Get tickets online here.

Ticket PricePersons with a disability
Adult1,800 yen900 yen
Middle / High School800 yen400 yen
4 y/o ~ Elementary School400 yen200 yen

Pro Tip
Machida is a bit far out from the center of Tokyo, so you may want to pair this trip with other areas nearby!

Snoopy Museum Tokyo

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