Shirokuma Cafe Takadanobaba

Shirokuma Cafe IRL, with the cutest character-themed food

A couple of train stops away from Ikebukuro sits the Shirokuma Cafe Takadanobaba. Takdanobaba is the stop you’ll be getting off at on the JR Yamanote Line. And Shirokuma Cafe — you know the anime? Yeah. They reincarnated the characters as two massive plushies who sit at a table, wondering what all these tourists are doing here. And they are just so squishy and photogenic. The perfect anime-lover’s cafe.


What’s fun about this place is that the food itself is just so adorable! Almost their entire menu has an animal involved. I got a little excited and ordered two panda items. They give you a drink coaster per item you order, so I got two.

Items range from the 500-800 yen (about $5-8 USD) for drinks and in the 800-1300 yen (about $8-13 USD) for food. They also have a special menu that changes every month or so.

Cafe atmosphere

The interior is full of cuteness as well, but otherwise a pretty normal cafe. They have an overall very woody, homey atmosphere. Do try their bathrooms. You’ll find the characters in there too!

Oh, and they have a kids’ play area! If you’re coming with little ones, they’ll be sure to have a great time. Order the kid’s menu and you can feed them here too.

Enjoy, take lots of selfies, and tune into the Shirokuma Cafe music playing throughout the store!

Shirokuma Cafe Takadanobaba

Address: Tokyo-to Shinjuku-ku Takadanobaba2-1-2 TOHMA takadanobaba 1F
Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily (Closed during New Year’s celebrations)
Price: 530 – 1,300 yen

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