Saryou Housen – Kyoto Warabi-Mochi and Japanese Garden Cafe

Relax with green tea and warabi-mochi while surrounded by gorgeous Japanese gardens

I always dreamed of going to a beautiful green tea and sweets place in Kyoto, and Saryou Housen was the perfect place. It had a high rating on its Tabelog page, with multiple Tabelog awards across several years, so it had caught my attention.

Located near Shimogamo Shrine, but in a quiet, unassuming neighborhood, Saryou Housen is certainly a hidden treasure.

The Menu at Saryou Housen

I had the warabi-mochi, their most popular offering, and my husband had the jo-namagashi and green tea. The tea and sweet beans came as a little extra before our food arrived.

Their warabi-mochi was sweet, chewy, and jiggly, and they only use a few key ingredients to craft them fresh every day. For the jo-namagashi, there are 5-6 types that you can choose from, each handcrafted. Nama means “fresh” or “raw,” so they need to be eaten the day of. The tradition says you’re supposed to eat all of the jo-namagashi first, then drink the macha. Why not enjoy the Kyoto way?

Their full list of offerings is on their website. They also sell omiyage, so you can spread the love to friends and family.

A quiet garden ocha-ya

And of course, the best part is that no matter where you’re seated, you can view the beautiful Japanese gardens around you. The prices are a bit steep, but I thought it was worth it to experience the place (and also to get a stamp on my Top 100 Sweets West in Tabelog, lol).

Saryou Housen

Hours: 10am-5pm (Closed Wednesdays & Thursdays)
Address: 25 Shimogamo Nishitakagicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-0861
Price: 9,30~1,400 yen

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