01.17-03.01 Sailor Moon Cafe 2019-2020

Go on a Girl’s Night Out at Sailor Moon Cafe 2019-2020

Sailor Moon Cafe 2019

Sailor Moon Cafe 2017 was a huge hit, so it’s back as the brand new Sailor Moon Cafe 2019! The concept is “Girls Night Out.” Hang out with Usagi and the gang with their adorable new food & drink!

BOX CAFE & SPACE is the host for this round, spreading the Sailor Moon love over six of their stores across Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hokkaido, Fukuoka, and Saitama).

As with many collab cafes, Sailor Moon Cafe 2019 prioritizes reservations over walk-ins. It varies depending on location, so it’s best to see the official site for those details.

[UPDATED 1/21/2020] There’s a new round of Sailor Moon Cafe at the Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku, going 1/17 – 3/1! If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s your chance! Check out their special Omotesando menu as well.

Sailor Moon Cafe 2019

There’s one location left in Omotesando Harajuku.

Tokyo – Omotesando Harajuku1/17 – 3/1/2020RSVP
[Closed] Tokyo – Solamachi10/25 – 1/13/2020
[Closed] Saitama – Koshigaya11/14 – 1/13/2020
[Closed] Tokyo – Shibuya 10/3 – 11/17
[Closed] Osaka – Abeno10/3 – 11/17
[Closed] Aichi – Nagoya10/10 – 11/24
[Closed] Hokkaido – Sapporo10/18 – 11/17
[Closed] Fukuoka – Hakata10/26 – 12/1

[UPDATED 10/26/2019] There’s now a location in Tokyo Solamachi, because a new BOX CAFE & SPACE is opening up there! It’s open from 10/25, and does not have an RSVP system. That means you can go there without a reservation, which is kind of awesome. (Might be a line though.)

[UPDATED 11/14/2019] We’ve had a report telling us it wasn’t as great as they thought. So just wanted to give everyone a heads up that it might be good to have some realistic expectations going in – what’s good here is the visuals of the food and the cafe interior, and maybe the taste and the service isn’t top-notch or anything. If that’s cool, then probably worth going. Also fixed a typo. Thanks!


And without further ado…


So much cute food! There are some fun lunch-only and dinner-only options, so if you’re going for a specific item, make sure it’s available when you go!


Oh man, these are so cute. Luna, Artemis, and Diana have their own parfaits (their heads are ice cream)


How’s that for cute food and drink? There are some menu differences between the six locations, so check with the official menu just in case.

Sailor Moon Cafe Special Menu at the Omotesando Harajuku Location (1/17 – 3/1/2020)

They added a few new dishes for the Omotesando Harajuku location inside the Tokyu Plaza building!

The Luna & Artemis pancakes are available if you sit at their cafe on the 2.3F.

Luna & Artemis's Night Out Pancakes - Sailor Moon Cafe 2019 - Tokyo, Japan
Luna & Artemis’s Night Out Pancakes (1,590 yen)

If you’re on the first floor, there’s some takeout foods available below. You can’t order them inside the actual cafe. Nice way to try them without actually getting a reservation!

Sailor Moon Cafe 2017 Revival Menu at the Solamachi Location (10/25-1/13/2020)

Since there’s a new Solamachi cafe, why not have a little special something? That comes in the form of some new menu items from Sailor Moon Cafe 2017. Featuring Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon.

Tuxedo Mask's Black Curry ~with Roses~
Tuxedo Mask’s Black Curry ~with Roses~
Silver Millennium Pancakes ~Forever Love~
Silver Millennium Pancakes ~Forever Love~
Sailor Moon Mango Cream Smoothie
Sailor Moon Mango Cream Smoothie

Goodies with Your Order

You can get a random coaster with a drink order, and a lunch mat when you come in! The coasters are pretty cute… Sailor Moon S, anyone?

How to Reserve a Spot at Sailor Moon Cafe 2019

Reservations are 650 yen per person. Let’s take Tokyo’s Shibuya location as an example.

Rules on their location page

Some of these are super-specific, so if you’re worried, go do a Google translate on the page. Otherwise, here are some details I thought are good to know so you’re not in for a bad surprise.

  • All reservations must be at least 3 days in advance (e.g. if you want to reserve on 10/10, you need to reserve by EOD 10/7)
  • 80 min per reservation
  • Up to 4 people per reservation (this is strict – don’t arrive with a different number of people from your reservation!)
  • You need a reservation for anyone over 4 yrs old
  • You can’t change or cancel reservations after they’re done
  • Be at the cafe at least 10 min in advance — if you’re late by 20+ min, you may not be able to enter the cafe for your reserved time slot
  • Show your electronic ticket when you arrive
  • One dessert or food order per person (can’t just order 1 drink / person)

RSVP page

It’s basically the same as buying tickets online.

1. Choose a date
2. Choose a time
3. Choose the number of people, then hit “Add to Cart”
4. Confirm reservation

Reservation Goodies

You can get a little ticket case (randomly chosen) by reserving a seat at the cafe (650 yen per person).

Souvenirs for reserving the cafe
Sailor Moon Cafe 2019

Sailor Moon Cafe 2019


Tokyo – Solamachi BOX CAFE&SPACE


Hokkaido – Coach & Four Shinkawa-Dori

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3 thoughts on “01.17-03.01 Sailor Moon Cafe 2019-2020”

  1. Hi, read through your article about this Sailormoon cafe, excited to try it. Just want to ask when u mentioned goodies with your order for the coaster & lunch mat., is that means we get to bring home the coaster & lunch mat?

    1. Hi Sakura! Thanks for the comment, and awesome to hear you’re interested! Yeah, they say you get a free lunch mat when you come in. You can get a coaster if you order one of their drinks. Hope that helps!

  2. Was extremely disappointed with this pop up cafe. The atmosphere was terrible, and aside from the Sailor Moon “theme”, you can hardly associate it with the brand.

    There were just a few Sailor Moon posters on the wall, a TV which played the same short 20 second promo over and over, and a bit of Sailor Moon merch you can purchase by the door, and that’s it. The staff aren’t in any Sailor Moon themed outfits, they’re just in standard run-of-the-mill cafe worker clothing.

    The food itself was below average. I’m no cook, but even I could make a better meal.

    Overall, I suggest you avoid this place. Go to the Pokemon cafe instead. That is worthy of a visit.

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