Rokurinsha Tokyo

The restaurant that started the tsukemen dipping noodles style with rich, hearty soup

Rokurinsha is probably the most famous ramen store on Tokyo Station’s Ramen Street. According to them, they began the thick dipping soup that is now a standard of tsukemen dipping ramen. This store has also been on Tabelog’s 100 Best Ramen in Eastern Tokyo consecutively since 2017. Not a small feat.

Eating at Rokurinsha 

Normally, you’d just go up to the vending machine, insert cash (or use Suica here), and get a ticket. If there’s a line, you’ll need to line up before you buy a ticket. 

When we visited, there was a crazy line out the door, estimating about 45 minutes’ wait towards the side of the store. It was a little past lunchtime on a holiday, so it was expected that we would wait anyway, no matter what popular store we visited. So we settled down in the line. When we got close enough to the front of the line, we were asked to buy tickets.

Long line in front of Rokurinsha

The Menu

Rokurinsha has ramen and tsukemen. Based on what your tastes are, you can get it spicy and/or with an egg. 

Rokurinsha menu

The Tsukemen 

We tried their most popular offering, the tsukemen dipping noodles.

Rokurinsha tsukemen
Rokurinsha tsukemen

The broth was indeed very thick and hearty! The site explained how it finely ground a variety of ingredients to create this taste, which makes since it was quite rich. The noodles were extra thick and not too strong in flavor. It complimented the broth well.

The staff told us that, when we were done with the noodles, to put some hot water into the broth to drink up.

Tsukemen soup
Tsukemen soup

Pro Tip

They do morning tsukemen here from 7:30-9:45am, great for a warm breakfast before your appointment with the bullet train.

Also, liked your tsukemen? You can buy souvenirs here and try to recreate your meal at home! There’s an opening on the side of the store, so you can buy things without standing in line.

More Ramen at Tokyo Ramen Street

Tsukemen not your thing? No worries, there are a bunch of other ramen stores right next door on Tokyo Ramen Street. Enjoy your meal!

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