Pompompurin Cafe Harajuku

A themed cafe for Sanrio’s Pompompurin

Spend an afternoon with the adorable Pompompurin, Sanrio’s labrador retriever (but easily mistaken as your favorite dessert), at the Pompompurin Cafe. They have plenty of original foods, desserts, and drinks, some of which come with mugs and things you can keep. Be ready to be overwhelmed with sheer cuteness!

Our visit to Pompompurin Cafe

The cutest decor

During one of our outings to Harajuku, we decided to pop in and try the place out. Our first impression: they decorated the place well! Even the seats are Pompompurin, as are napkins, placemats, and more.

Overall, the decor is super cute and very photogenic. You can spend a lot of time going around and taking selfies inside the cafe.

The Food

We went as a group of five, so we got to try a variety of foods here. We got one of the fall special curries, a stew, and an omelet. They’re very cute and intricately put together.

So what’s the taste like? Okay, so in all honesty, this isn’t a foodie spot. Go for the cute atmosphere and the photos, but don’t expect much for the taste of the food. They’re probably more focused on the presentation of the food.

That said, it’s a new experience and very Harajuku.

Menu Sampling at Pompompurin Cafe

Here’s more of their menu, showing some other options we didn’t try. Do note that these items are subject to change, so if you’re interested in something specific, it might be good to check out their homepage (in Japanese – make sure the characters “Harajuku” 原宿 are listed next to your food of choice!).

Overall, prices will generally hover around the 1,000 yen mark (even the drinks), so be prepared to spend about $10~$15 USD.

When we visited, these were the menus standing outside.

When you’re done eating, there’s a gift shop as well for all your cute souvenir needs. Have fun, and go explore the rest of Harajuku!

Pompompurin Cafe

Hours: 11am – 9pm Daily (L.O. 8pm, drink L.O. 8:30pm)
Price: 500 – 1,500 Yen
Address: 1-7-1 Jingumae, 渋谷区 Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001
Website: http://pompom.createrestaurants.com/jp/info_harajuku.html

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