Pokemon Room by Mimaru

Stay in a Pokemon-themed hotel room in Tokyo or Kyoto

Pokemon Room by Mimaru

Make your stay in Japan extra special by staying in the Pokemon Room, a new Pokemon-themed suite at the Mimaru Hotel in Tokyo and Kyoto. There are 5 locations that have this room, and they are bookable from December 24, 2019.

They offer a good variety of desserts and sweet drinks here, kind of like the boba tea stands all over Tokyo nowadays. If you like the baumkuchen (German layer cakes), you can grab all three Pikachu evolutions in a box. Probably makes a good souvenir gift.

Free Goodies with your stay

By staying at the Pokemon Room at Mimaru, you’ll get some free fun goodies per reservation. First, there’s the little Pokeball bag, a welcome card, and a hand towel. The hand towel’s design differs based on if your stay is in Tokyo or Kyoto.


So how much does this cost? We were curious too, and took a look at their available rooms – it seems like the price is quite high, hovering around the $400 – $600 mark, depending on the location. That said, most of these rooms host 4-6 people. It might make sense to book with some friends and have a Poke-slumber party.

Pokemon Room Locations



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