Pokemon GO Lab – Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

Pokemon GO Lab is coming to Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo 12/19/2019

Pokemon GO Lab - Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

Pokemon GO Lab is the first official Pokemon GO space, coming to Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro Alpa 2F on December 19, 2019! This is a new area in the Pokemon Center, joining together with the dessert shop Pikachu Sweets and the Pokemon Card Station.

It’ll look like the gyms in Pokemon GO, and include a giant statue of Professor Willow. Here, you can shop for original Pokemon GO gear, find friends, join some battles, and more. They’ll be announcing more info starting on 12/6 via their staff blog.

On their site, they have a sneak preview of what some of the official merch might be like…

Pokemon GO Lab merch

You can have your own physical egg to carry around and have a real raid pass? Pretty cool. (Too bad that egg won’t hatch into anything.) The keychain spins like the Poke stops. If you’re just getting gifts, there’s also chocolates and candies to get. Finally, if you love your legendaries enough, you can wear them while you’re out playing Pokemon GO.

There’s not a ton of info out there yet, but we’ll be following this story and adding things as they become available!

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