Pokemon Center Tokyo DX Ginza

Pokemon Center Tokyo DX - Ginza

One of the largest Pokemon Shops in Tokyo, the Pokemon Center Tokyo DX is located in the Ginza shopping district of Tokyo, just a few blocks away from Tokyo Station. The store is on the 5th floor of the Nihombashi Takashimaya East Building so look for elevators on the ground level (separate from the mall) plastered with murals of your favorite Pokemon.

For any Pokemon fan, this is the place to be and you’ll find most of your favorites in all shapes and sizes. If by chance they don’t have your favorite Pokemon in stock, you can also check out the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro. Both shops can be overwhelmingly crowded during weekends and holidays so if you’re not the type of person to elbow your way through a crowd, you may want to come during the weekdays earlier in the daytime.

When visiting, you can usually find seasonal and local merchandise that you won’t be able to find elsewhere near the entrance.

Pro Tips

Don’t forget your passport when visiting (if you’re a tourist) and get the Tax Free price when spending more than $50 USD. Tax rates have recently gone up to 10% of purchase price.

The Pokemon Cafe next to the shop can get busy. If you plan to stop by, make sure to check in and make a reservation when arriving before exploring the shop or reserve well in advance when planning your visit.

Pokemon Center Tokyo DX Ginza

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