Pokemon Center Skytree Town

Pokemon Center Skytree Town - Solamachi East Yard 4F - Tokyo, Japan

Are you near Tokyo Skytree? Come by the Pokemon Center Skytree Town inside the Solamachi shopping area. This one has Pikachu and Rayquaza together at the entrance to let you know there’s cool merch inside. There are also giant Sun/Moon legendaries to selfie with!

What you can expect at Pokemon Center Skytree Town

Cute merch everywhere, from cosmetics to stationary to plushies! They have limited edition items only available at this location as well. If you bring a kid here, prepare for that price tag. The staff are very nice too – if you can’t find a certain Pokemon, just ask and see if they can find it for you.

There’s quite a bit of crowding at this Pokemon Center, especially on weekends and holidays. If your schedule allows, shoot for a dead weekday time so that you can browse the adorable merch in peace.

Pokemon Center Skytree Town is certainly worth stopping by if you love Pokemon! While you’re at it, you can also browse other fun stores like the Rilakkuma Store or Donguri Kyowakoku, the Ghibli Store.

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