Pokemon Cafe Osaka

The long-awaited Pokemon Cafe Osaka is here!

The long wait is over! Pokemon Center Osaka DX and Pokemon Cafe Osaka have opened their doors on 9/20/2019.

At this new Pokemon Cafe in Osaka, you can enjoy various Pokemon-themed dishes, similar to the one in Tokyo. Every now and then, they’ll have seasonal menus available. While some of these dishes are staples, you might want to check their official site for the most recent menus.

Ready to go? You’ll need to make a reservation before you head in, so head over to their online RSVP site to do so. If you just want to buy Pokemon goodies there, no RSVP is required.


Pikachu's Yokubari Plate (1,738 yen)
Pikachu’s Yokubari Plate (1,738 yen). Eat all the things on this Pikachu plate! If you want to take the plate home too, it’s a 2,948 yen.
Eevee's Yokubari Plate (1,738 yen)
Eevee’s Yokubari Plate (1,738 yen). If you want to take the plate home, it’s 2,948 yen total.
Pikachu's Genki Curry (1,628 yen)
Pikachu’s Genki Curry (1,628 yen). Japanese curry rice with a Pikachu theme.
Snorlax's Full-Stomach Lunch Nap Plate (1,958 yen)
Snorlax’s Full-Stomach Lunch Nap Plate (1,958 yen). Sounds delicious, like a food coma?

Special Menu: Halloween 2019 & Pokemon Cafe Osaka Opening 2019

Every now and then, they’ll have seasonal menus. Here’s a quick sampling!


Cute Poke-drinks galore! For some of the cups, you can keep it if you pay a bit extra (for example, the Eevee Cocoa cup).

Cafe Merch Corner

Grab some cute merch with your cafe order. They have some plates and cups that are used in the actual dishes, and for some of them, you can buy together with your meal.


Since they don’t have an English version of the site, here’s my translation.

Can I go without a reservation?
No walk-ins. You must have a reservation (at time of writing).

Can I cancel my reservation?
Yes, you can cancel online up until 10pm of the previous day. On the day of, please call (03-6262-3439).

Do you have English or Chinese menus?
Yes. They have English and Chinese menus.

Can I get a private room?
No, all the seats are regular table seats.

Can I go alone?

Can I take food home?
They sell snacks, but no takeout.

Do you accept credit cards?

Can I smoke?
No, the whole cafe is non-smoking.

Is it wheelchair-friendly?
Yes, there are slopes in the store.

Can I bring my pet?
No, they don’t allow pets.

RSVP for Pokemon Cafe Osaka

Excited? Well, make sure you get a reservation. It’s the same deal as the Pokemon Cafe in Tokyo — the cafe doesn’t do walk-ins. For the most part, reservations will be open for up to a month in advance, but you’ll see seats free up closer to your desired day to visit.

Get your spot on this site.

Enjoy your meal, and don’t forget to take some nice photos!

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