Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon Cafe

Get your takeout desserts at Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon Cafe

Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon Cafe
A variety of upcoming Poke-foods and drinks

Poke-sweets are here! Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon Cafe, a dessert & drink specialty shop, has opened its doors as of December 19, 2019. It’s inside the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro Alpa 2F.

Rather than being a sit-down diner like the Pokemon Cafe, it offers primarily takeout desserts. You can bring them home to eat with your friends and family, or if you’re okay with standing, you can consume your food and drink here (except when it’s super crowded). 

See the full menu below. We’ve also visited, so you can find out what it’s like.

They offer a good variety of desserts and sweet drinks here, kind of like the boba tea stands all over Tokyo nowadays. If you like the baumkuchen (German layer cakes), you can grab all three Pikachu evolutions in a box. Probably makes a good souvenir gift.

Pikachu Sweets Souvenirs

Similar to Pokemon Cafe, they offer some fun extras if you’re okay paying a bit more. If you add 550 yen to any drink order, you can get a reusable plushie drink sleeve shaped like Pikachu or Eevee! Very cute.

Our Experience at Pikachu Sweets

Pikachu cupcake
Pikachu cupcake

We stopped by the store on our trip to Ikebukuro Sunshine City. There was a pretty long line on a Sunday afternoon. The store itself was pink and adorable, with original drawings for Pikachu Sweets everywhere.

We got the Pikachu Cupcake and Pudding combo for 1,100 yen. The cupcake had a very light lemony flavor to it, and the pudding was the eggy kind without any caramel. The pudding comes in a cute glass cup that you can keep – might be fun to make some mini parfaits in it.

Pikachu cupcake & pudding set
Pikachu cupcake & pudding set


Need an energy charge after browsing the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo? Perhaps Pikachu Sweets is a good spot to get a boost. Based on the quality of the food at the Pokemon Cafe, it’s probably worth trying if you’re into Poke-food.

Enjoy your dessert!

Pikachu Cupcake
Pikachu cupcakes

Pikachu Sweets by Pokemon Cafe – Ikebukuro Sunshine Alpa 2F

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