Niki no Kashi Snack Store in Ueno Ameyoko

A snack superstore that specializes in cool local snacks from different prefectures of Japan

Niki no Kashi is a massive store full of snacks from all over Japan. Their three locations in Ueno sit within walking distance from each other, and each is packed with sweet and salty goodies.

Niki no Kashi has been around since 1947 as a vendor and wholesaler. On Ameyoko street, you’ll find The First Store. You can buy single or in bulk. If you buy a minimum, you can get a bulk discount.

Niki no Kashi’s Special Regional Snacks

Actually, I first heard about Niki no Kashi from one of my fiancé’s business TV shows (Japanese). According to the show, the CEO went around finding cool snacks from remote areas in Japan. According to him, those new snacks attract customers back to their store. Naturally, I got interested, so we swung by during our next trip to Ueno.

When I arrived, I was both overwhelmed and excited. So many snacks everywhere! At this store, you can pretty much buy anything — traditional Japanese snacks, chips, cookies, chocolate, gummies, and the list goes on.

Aisles full of chocolate
Rows and rows of chocolate
Rows and rows of snacks

The local snacks that the TV program talked about sit in aisle 4 on the bottom floor of the First Store. There were lots of cool snacks from other parts of Japan. Niki no Kashi does a great job of promoting these rarities!

Niki no Kashi's regional snack aisle
Niki no Kashi’s regional snack aisle

They also sell snacks under their original brand “Futatsu Ki” ふたつ木 (literally same as Niki, “two trees”, but said differently). You’ll find it towards the back of the store. Their packaging looked suitable for gifting.

Is Niki no Kashi affordable?

Yes! I found the prices to be pretty cheap, generally at the same level as other snack specialty stores. If you’re stocking up or bringing some home to friends and family, Niki no Kashi boasts the perfect balance of volume and variety you’re looking for. For some items, you can get a volume discount. We come here occasionally to buy snacks for our events!

And of course, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, try the other two locations, within walking distance.

Enjoy your snack run!

Nishi no Kashi First Store

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