Mole Removal in Japan | Step-by-Step Guide

Mole Removal in Japan _ Step-by-Step Guide

Mole removal in Japan is not something that many expats would know about. If you’re thinking about getting your mole(s) or hokuro removed, this article might help.

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Reasons for Mole Removal

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Doctors in Japan classify mole removal under two categories. Pricing of the removal depends on your insurance and classification.

  • Medical reasons
    If you suspect skin cancer, you should seek mole removal.
  • Cosmetic reasons
    If a mole causes you discomfort or low self-esteem, it’s easy to ask for removal.

Removal Methods

Dermatologists in Japan typically remove moles in two ways: through surgical removal or laser treatment.

Large or malignant moles are typically removed surgically. Laser is used to effectively get rid of smaller moles.

The procedure best for you depends on a careful physical examination and your preferences. As a result, doctors recommend a consultation session first.

Where to Go Mole Removal in Japan

There are many dermatologists in Japan. The most popular English-speaking ones in Tokyo are as follows:

What to Expect for Mole Removal in Japan

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The first step to remove a mole is to consult a dermatologist in a medical skin clinic or a hifuka.

The doctor will examine your mole(s) in the initial consultation appointment. After, they will review their assessment and options.

Here is an overview of a typical mole removal flow:

  • Reservation by phone
  • Counsultation with a dermatologist
  • Booking the treatment
  • Payment for initial counsultation
  • [another day]
  • Actual treatment procedure
  • Treatment payment
  • Aftercare


  • What happens next after surgery?

The doctor will cover the area of the removal with a bandage for about 48 hours. Also, they will prescribe antibiotics and ointment to reduce inflammation. Depending on the size of the mole, you will use this from a few days to a few weeks.

  • How’s the pain like?

You will be administered anesthesia for all treatments, you don’t have to worry about pain. However, you will feel a pinch from the injection of the anesthesia!

  • Can I get my moles removed just because I want to?


Remember: mole removal can be a serious matter. Check with a doctor as soon as possible if you suspect a mole is abnormal.

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