Mega Don Quijote (Mega Donki) Shibuya, Tokyo

Mega Don Quijote Shibuya, Tokyo

Souvenirs, Snacks, and Sensory overload

Come get your fill of affordable sweets, snacks, souvenirs and more! The Shibuya Don Quijote store one of the largest Don Quijote stores in Japan, located on Dogenzaka Street. Once you’ve stopped by and visited Hachiko and the Shibuya Scramble Crossing, take a stroll up Dogenzaka street and visit this amazing discount goods store.

If you’ve never been to a Don Quijote store in Japan (also known as Donki), it’s a must visit, especially if you are looking for snacks and souvenirs to bring home from your trip. Donkis are discount chain stores that are mostly found in Japan with a few locations in Singapore, Thailand and Hawaii.

What is a Mega Don Quijote?

The Mega Don Quijotes stores (or Mega Donki) are larger versions of the Discount Goods store Don Quijote and are open 24 hours a day. These larger sized stores will sell everything from fun snacks, cosmetics, costumes, groceries, everyday clothing, electronics and more. The Shibuya Mega Donki will be quite the experience if you’ve never been to one you’re sure to experience a bit of sensory overload with the sheer amount of products, flashing lights and jingles playing throughout the store.

Pro Tip
When shopping, if you spend more than 5,400 yen (approx $50 USD), you purchase is eligible to be tax-free. However, these items will be sealed into a bag and taken with you when leaving Japan. You will need to show your Passport at the time of purchase.

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