Limited Edition Pompompurin Tiramisu with MACCHA HOUSE

Adorable Pompompurin Cafe tiramisu

The Pompompurin Cafe in Harajuku is offering some limited edition tiramisu, a collaboration with MACCHA HOUSE! Going on from 5/8 – 7/7/2019. Just one more photogenic thing to eat during your stay in Harajuku.

What’s kinako? It’s a sweet soybean-based powder that you typically see used for Japanese sweets. And you guys probably already know maccha, or the powdered green tea that you find at Starbucks nowadays.

And what’s that wooden box, you say? Well, usually they put sake in it. So yeah, it’s kind of like eating yogurt out of a wine glass. But classier.


  • Pompompurin’s Kinako Tiramisu – 550 yen
  • Pompompurin’s Green Tea Tiramisu – 550 yen
  • Food Set: get a tiramisu for 400 yen with any food order
  • Drink Set: get a tiramisu + a drink for 850 yen

You’ll find the regular menu at the Pompompurin Cafe as well.

Pro tip
Stick around in Harajuku and explore Takeshita Street, full of clothing stores, cute foods, and more. Weekends will be packed as the middle schoolers stream into the stores, so if you can, try a weekday (and probably not during lunchtime).

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