Maly B’s Best Japan

From San Francisco, CA – We’re Helping Maly B. prepare for his trip to Japan, here’s a preview of his list of things to do:

Grain-fed lamb

Lamb Duck Tokyo

Lamb and duck, seasoned and grilled to perfection – for all you meat lovers in Japan.

A place to stick your head for a photo of you being eaten. As new ginger.

Iwashita New Ginger Museum

The Iwashita New Ginger Museum is a strange, pink, cute museum, dedicated to new ginger. Stop by on your trip to Tochigi.


An oasis for digital nomads, Caffice offers free wifi, outlets at every seat, and a good lunch menu to keep you fed while working.

Sunshine City Alpa - Ikebukuro, Tokyo Japan

Sunshine City

Sunshine City Alpa is a large shopping and entertainment complex just a short walk away from Ikebukuro Station.

Pompom Purin Cafe at Harajuku, Japan

Pompompurin Cafe Harajuku

Dine on adorable foods with Sanrio’s labrador retriever at the Pompompurin Cafe

Henry's Burger in Tokyo, Japan

Henry’s Burger Daikanyama

Tiny burger shop, big taste. If you’re looking for a nice fully flavored, greasy burger, Henry’s Burger in Daikanyama, is the place to be.