Kyash: Easy Alternative to Credit Cards

A kyash card, a credit card alternative

Do you still go out carrying a hefty wallet filled with coins? Why go through all that when you can have cashless transactions from the comfort of your phone? Kyash, an easy alternative to credit cards, gives you the option to pay through the app as well as a physical prepaid card.

In addition to the many benefits, you can also use it in various Visa member stores—not just in Japan, but overseas too. This is all made possible by Kyash, the new digital wallet app you never knew you needed.

What is Kyash?

Kyash app history

Photo credits: Kyash

Founded in January 2015 in Tokyo, Kyash had the ambitious goal to transform the Japanese financial landscape by becoming an easy alternative to credit cards.

It’s not a bank, but a digital wallet app that offers mobile payment and banking-style features, such as remittances and withdrawals. One of Kyash’s most sought-after features is the issuance of a connected Visa card.


Kyash contains all the benefits you’d want to see in the perfect e-wallet. It has:

  1. rewards per purchase
  2. instant payment notifications
  3. a clear balance overview

Moreover, there are lower fees for overseas spending and costs are shouldered by merchants rather than users.

Physical cards

Kyash Visa card selection in blue, silver and rose gold pink

Kyash gives you the option to apply for a prepaid card for times when you need to physically swipe a card. With more than 38 million participating stores in Japan and overseas, you might find a need for that.

Real-time money management

The app’s UI is designed to allow users to easily manage their spending and prevent overuse. This is done through a convenient notification system and history section that is automatically sorted into categories.


Keeping in mind that 80% of card fraud is caused by online transactions, Kyash has features that prevent unauthorized use. You can set the maximum limit and turn on/off online and overseas payments with the “card setting” function. And in case your card got lost, you can instantly lock it with just a few clicks from the app.

Convenient ways to load your card

Ways to load your prepaid card as an alternative to getting a credit card in Japan

You can load up your Kyash account through several channels, such as your bank account, debit or credit card, convenience stores, and affiliated partners.

How to sign up

You can get started with Kyash in just 3 steps!

For the virtual card

  1. Download the app (Google Play or App Store) and register as a member.
  2. Receive the virtual Kyash card
  3. Deposit cash to the app.
Steps to sign up to Kyash

For the Kyash Visa physical card

  1. Download the app (Google Play or App Store) and register as a member.
  2. Apply for a Kyash Visa card with just a few clicks from the app.
  3. Deposit cash to the app.
Steps to apply for the Kyash Visa card

If you’re still looking for other payment app options, you might want to check out Paypay. If it’s a credit card you’re after, we listed here the best credit cards in Japan for foreigners.