Kura Sushi Harajuku

The Interior of Kura Sushi Harajuku

Kura Sushi is one of the most beloved 回転 kaiten (rotating) sushi restaurants in Japan. Kura offers a delicious variety of sushi, tempura, and side dishes. There truly is something for everyone. Furthermore, their popularity seems to just continue growing, with new locations opening regularly. One such new location is a flagship store that opened in Harajuku in December 2021.

The New Harajuku Flagship Store

The focus of this new store is combining sushi with desserts. Kura Royal, the chain’s dessert brand, is a major selling point. Guests can watch the colorful crepes being made at the counter, or pick up their orders. These crepes are also not available at any other Kura sushi store. There is a variety to choose from—from savory tuna salad or fatty Iberian pork to sweet chocolate, strawberry, or mango crepes. The crepes are a lovely pink and yellow color, made from naturally-derived vegetable and gardenia pigments.

Tuna salad crepe at Kura Sushi Harajuku

Of course, the normal sushi menu is also still available, if you prefer. From rolls to nigiri, salmon to shrimp — the choices are endless. However, if sushi isn’t your thing, there is also tempura, ramen, and other sides to choose from.

There is a touchscreen pad at every table, making ordering very simple. You don’t even need to speak Japanese! You can change the touchpad into English, Chinese or Korean, so ordering is effortless and easy.

Even better, after every 5th plate, you have a chance to win a small capsule toy!

Capsule toy at Kura Sushi Harajuku

A Chic Design

The special menu is not the only appeal of this new flagship store. Supervised by creative director Kashiwa Sato, the interior of the store combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with clean, modern minimalist design, making for a very pleasant dining experience. There is also an outdoor balcony with breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

Kura Sushi Harajuku interior


The new flagship store is located on the 4th floor of YM Square in Harajuku, and is only a 5-minute walk from exit 5 of Tokyo Metro Meiji-Jingumae “Harajuku” station.

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