Keshia and Anthony’s Best Japan

Who are you in 3 sentences or less?

Keshia: Commercial real estate life during the day, yogi by night, full time dog mom and occasional travel & food enthusiast. 
Anthony: I’m Anthony – creative mind, writer & wordsmith (soundcloud & ig) from San Jose, CA

What was your best Experience in Japan?

Keshia: Japan is so beautiful so it’s hard to pinpoint what the best experience was. Although, if I had to choose, it would be narrowed down to the omakase experience, live band karaoke bar and seeing/learning about the temples/shrines.
Anthony: Best experience was simply being submerged in the culture and getting to explore and eat my way through Tokyo. 
Mike: My best experience of you guys visiting was watching you do the live band Karaoke at Ban Kara R club after leaving that disappointing and somewhat shady bar recommended by “Joe” on the street…

What was your Favorite Food?

Keshia: The omakase! And of course, the ramen. 
Anthony: Out of everything I ate, the sushi (I don’t remember the restaurant) was amazing. Also the burnt miso ramen I had in Kyoto – wow. 

What was your Favorite Activity?

Keshia: Wandering around the city and exploring the sights and street food. 
Anthony: Aside from seeing the sights, my favorite activity was riding the train. It was overwhelming at first, but once we got the hang of it, it was fun. Part of the experience. 

Where was your favorite place to stay: 

Anthony: Hotel Graphy in Ueno.  It had a really cool vibe about it – the music they played, the friendly staff & the delicious food they served.  Very mellow & all around the perfect accommodation.  Also loved the fact that they offer bicycle rentals – even though we didn’t rent one, I would love to bike around the area and explore some of the hidden gems that aren’t visible from the main roads.

What would you come back for?

Keshia: I would definitely come back for the food! There was nothing that I could complain about food wise. Everything was fresh and delicious. I would also come back to explore more of the temples/shrines and learn a little more about the history.
Anthony: I would come back to see other parts of japan as well as other parts of Tokyo and Kyoto, that I wasn’t able to see.

Keshia and Anthony, thanks for visiting and the memories! Hope to see you guys again soon!

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