Jikasei Mensho Shibuya PARCO

Craft ramen served in cup noodle-like bowls

Hungry at the Shibuya PARCO? Come down to the basement floor, Chaos Kitchen, and check out all the cool restaurants. Among them is a unique craft ramen store called Jikasei Mensho. The concept here is wagyu with ramen, which means top-quality beef ramen! Mensho got a Michelin star at their San Francisco location, which says quite a bit. There might be a line, but probably worth it.

The Menu at Jikasei Mensho Shibuya

Ramen Types

We saw the ramen with fatty wagyu beef and the tantanmen. You can also get a vegan ramen, which is pretty cool. Another unique thing about this place is that you can have it maze-soba style, or without soup.

To order, use the tablet at your table. You can change the language to English too.

We tried the tantanmen, which came in Mensho’s iconic cup. You can adjust the spiciness level and also add toppings. The taste was a delicious combo of nutty and spicy at the same time.

We also tried the wagyu beef dumplings. They were a bit sweet and very meaty. You can get this as a side for 350 yen.

Wagyu shumai
Wagyu shumai

Overall, Jikasei Mensho was a cool experience with pretty good ramen. We’d go back to try the regular wagyu beef ramen, which was sold out when we got there.

Our Thoughts

Worth the Experience:
Would Come Back Again: ★★

Great for:
✔︎ Ramen fans
✔︎ Lunch

Jikasei Mensho Shibuya PARCO

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