Japanese Standard Labor Laws

Japanese Labor Law Handbook cover image

Do you know your basic rights and how the Japanese standard labor laws protect you? As a foreign employee, you need to be aware of these rights and when to practice them.

What Is the Foreign Workers’ Handbook

Japanese standard labor laws are a collection of laws concerning various working conditions. Just last April 2020 the country has implemented a change to the labor law, which aims to protect all kinds of employees from companies with bad reputations.

Consequently, not knowing what rights you have from these laws may be the primary reason for trouble in your workplace. That is why The Foreign Workers’ Handbook was published to help foreign employees like you understand your workers’ rights in this country.

Here is a list of what the Japanese standard labor laws cover in this manual:

1. Labor Contracts
2. Wages
3. Working hours, Holidays, and Annual Leave
4. Resignation and Dismissal
5. Equal Employment Opportunity Act for Men & Women
6. Workplace Bullying and Harassment
7. Labor Unions
8. Workers’ Accident Compensation
9. Employment Insurance
10. Health Insurance & Pension
11. Job Seeking
12. Status of Residence and Residency Management System
13. Technical Intern Training Programs
14. Taxes

Given its side-by-side English and Japanese translations, this makes it easier for you to understand essential legal matters when it comes to working in Japan.

Importance of Knowing the Japanese Standard Labor Laws

Surprisingly, there are Japanese employees who know little about the labor laws. But this is something you would like to familiarize yourself with if you’re looking for a job or experiencing some issues in your current position

Companies with terrible practices can take advantage of you if you’re not aware of your rights. Because of that, being able to distinguish between law, common practice, and company-specific rules is essential.

Knowing when you are protected by Japanese laws helps put a stop to these companies for creating bad working environments and causing harm to their employees.

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