Japanese Snacks in a Box: TokyoTreat

A box of Japanese snacks

There has been a trend in monthly goodies in a box, from Korean makeup to pet goods. Today, I think I received the best kind: Japanese snacks! From Kit-Kats, soda, and seasonal treats, I indulged thanks to the endless snacks.

What to Expect

The box comes in a happy, orange box, and trust me, you will be happy when you open it. The box was filled with snacks from 6 categories. According to the site, they are:

  1. popular snacks
  2. party pack
  3. anime snacks
  4. drinks
  5. dagashi
  6. DIY kits

For those who don’t know what dagashi is, they’re classic small snacks made after World War II. Kit-Kats aren’t dagashis, but umaibos are! Thankfully, the box came with both so we can try the difference.

Anime Snacks

Two adorable Pikachu snacks

My eyes immediately landed on the pack of Pikachu gummies. I grew up on that anime! Imagine my surprise when I saw the second Pikachu snack.

According to TokyoTreat’s website, only the Premium boxes get anime snacks. So if that’s something you want, keep that in mind!

There was almost a pound of different snacks in the box, but the highlight for me was Pikachu. I loved the packaging and how the Japanese snacks themselves are in the shape of the electric mouse.

Pikachu-shaped gummy
Pikachu-shaped chip

Do you love Pokemon as much as me? Keep your eyes out for open reservations at the Pokemon Cafe! They always have the cutest menu like the snacks above.