Janae P.’s Best Japan

Who are you in 3 sentences or less?
I’m an engagement designer and community organizer currently working for the Harry Potter Alliance. I’m writing a novel and an practicing pottery, and which one goes better depends on the day. 

What was your best Experience in Japan?
I’m not really the hiker type, but I decided I wanted to go to the top of the paths on Mt. Inari and — with a bit of cursing and a lot of sweating — I actually made it! It was a big moment for me, and really nice to get away from the crowds at the base and get to see all of the hidden details of the upper shrines. 

What was your Favorite Food?
I know it’s weird to say potato salad, but I need to live my truth. If you’re looking for something fancier, Aoyama Flower Market Tea House is both beautiful and delicious. 

What was your Favorite Activity?
I’ll give you the conventional answer and the weird answer. Asakusa was one of my favorite areas in the city, not just for Nakamise shopping street and Kappabashi street, but for all the hidden gems throughout the neighborhood.

But in Shibuya, on weekends there’s a farmer’s market outside United Nations University filled with food trucks, produce, and all kinds of local treats — it’s not huge, but I loved the atmosphere (and the treats). Afterward there’s ample bubble tea and the best matcha I had (at Cafe Kitsune) close by. 

What would you come back for?  
I only got a taste of some of the towns and cities just outside of Tokyo, and I definitely want to come back and explore more. 

Where was your favorite place/hotel to stay at?
For any folks traveling to Kyoto, I would highly recommend Jiyu-Jin Hostel. The staff there were SO nice, and it was very well priced, clean, and convenient to the subway.

Share your fancy instagram/fb/snapchat influencer links? 

@janaeisms on Twitter and Instagram, janae.online is my website 

Thanks for visiting and the memories! Hope to see you again soon!

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