Its’ Demo

Popular cosmetics and accessory store with cute character collaborations

It’s Demo is a beauty and accessories store found in many major shopping malls, stations, and more. It’s run by the World company, which does a lot of Japanese fashion brands that you often see in station buildings.

They have tons of locations, primarily located inside train station buildings. The one pictured here is in Shibuya, but you’re sure to find them elsewhere — perfect for a gift on-the-go.

Lots of Cute Japanese Accessories & Cosmetics

They have beauty products, makeup, hair accessories, earrings, cute snacks, and more. Some of the larger stores also sell clothing. What I like most about this brand is that the products here are cute and refined. The hair accessories are so pretty and intricate, as are the earrings.

They constantly rotate their items, so there’s always something new to see. That said, the process for accessories can be a bit high. This isn’t one of those discount accessories stores, so you probably won’t find any 300 yen earrings here. (For that, try Lattice. I have a copper allergy though, so I can’t wear the cheap ones anyway.)

Collaboration Items with Popular Characters

They do a lot of collaborations with popular brands and characters, like this Pokemon one I saw a while back. If you’re into cute things, this is one place you’ll keep hopping in to see if there’s anything cool to get! 

Its' Demo Pokemon collab
Its’ Demo Pokemon collab

There’s quite a bit of other Nintendo characters like Kirby, and a healthy dose of Disney. If you’re looking for a cute souvenir for a fan of any of these, Its’ Demo might be a good place to put on your itinerary.

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