Ito Marine Town Rest Area

Sample all the gift foods in Izu in one convenient rest stop

Ito Marine Town is a “Michi no Eki” (道の駅) or a rest area for those on a road trip. It sits in the town of Ito on the Izu Peninsula. We were curious why so many people were recommending this place, so we stopped by out of sheer curiosity.

What’s so great about Ito Marine Town?

Ito Marine Town interior

So, we weren’t expecting much, but Ito Marine Town turned out to be a massive marketplace, spanning several buildings across. The best part? The food samples! I think I ate samples from every box that they had available, from snacks to fish to string cheese. If you need to buy any omiyage, this is a great place to taste-test.

Of course, if you’re actually hungry, there are restaurants in one of the buildings. And if you’re tired from a day of traveling, there’s a convenient onsen! Did I mention parking is free?

If you’re visiting Izu, there’s no reason not to stop by here!

Ito Marine Town Rest Area

Hours: 9am – 6pm Daily
Price: Free
Address: 571-19 Yukawa, Ito, Shizuoka 414-0002
Website: (Japanese)

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