Ichiran Ramen

A Ramen to Experienced

Ichiran Ramen Info

Hours: 11am – 8pm Daily
Price: 980 – 1,480 Yen ($10-$14 USD)
Website: https://en.ichiran.com/ramen/

Ichiran is a ramen chain that has become popular with both locals and tourists. You can expect delicious ramen with an interesting experience.

Known for its private booths, you are expected to focus on eating the ramen and the booths and curtains are there to help eliminate distractions. Don’t try to come with more than 3 people unless your group is fine sitting separately. If you’re lucky, and don’t mind waiting a little longer, you can get seating for 3-4 next to each other.

But you’re not here for the company, you’re here to experience ramen without distractions. The booths are set up so you can focus on the ramen with dividers helping separate you from your neighbor and even the waiters delivering your meal.

How to find it

Oftentimes Ichiran Ramen restaurants are not found at ground level and you may get confused when google maps tells you its right in front of you. Remember to look up or for signs pointing downwards as the shop may be on the upper floors or basement of a building. Keep an eye out for the red sign and logo which can be easy to miss if you’re not familiar with Japanese Kanji.

How to order

Step one is to use the automated vending machine to purchase a ticket. Here you will select the ramen and size you want as well as additional toppings and drinks. After handing your tickets to the attendant, you will then be handed a sheet of paper that will let you select the firmness of noodles, the amount of garlic and spice etc. And don’t worry, they should have the options available in English.

Foodie Tips

  • Ichiran is a chain restaruants, with multiple locations. You you encounter a long line out the door its not worth waiting an hour for, just come back when the line is shorter or to another location.
  • If you like the sauce or noodles, you can by packaged “to go” versions at the restaurants or many Don Quijote shops.

Tokyo Locations

New York Locations

Ichiran Ramen is now open in 3 New York locations!

Ichiran Ramen – New York 31st Street

Ichiran Ramen – New York 49th Street

Ichiran Ramen – NY Brooklyn

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