Henry’s Burger Daikanyama

The Beef Craftsman

Henry’s Burger Info

Hours: 11am – 8pm Daily
Price: 1,180 – 1,480 Yen ($10-$14 USD)
Address: 1-chōme-36-6 Ebisunishi, Shibuya City, Tōkyō-to 150-0021
Website: http://henrysburger.com/

If you’re looking for a nice fully flavored, juicy burger, Henry’s Burger in Daikanyama, is the place to be.  Its tiny little burger shop located just a few minutes away from Naka Meguro station with a limited menu and only 4 seats.   The shop is named after Kentaro Nakahara who when living in California went by the name Henry.  That Californian life undoubtedly influenced him in crafting this delicious burger.

The menu is similar to In n Out burger with only one burger that you can order and get in a Single, Double, or Triple.  It also has a that also has a light thousand island style sauce but thats where the similarities end.  The beef is 100% fresh Kuroge Wagyu beef and its topped with a hefty sliced tomato which apparently is popular with Japanese (see Mos Burger).

I love a good beef burger and I love that Henry’s Burger Daikanyama has a list of  “7 Commitments” stated on their website – and the google translations for it amazing:

The 7 Commitments of Henry’s Burger

1 . Super raw meat of 100% Kuroge Wagyu beef carefully selected by Kentaro Nakahara.  A beef craftsman, Kentaro Nakahara, carefully selected and bought one cow (A5 rank black beef virgin beef), finished with “super-rough ground” minced meat so that you can enjoy the original texture of the meat.

2 . Patty without “Tsunagi” There is no so-called “Tsunagi”, and it is a patty that you can taste the original taste of carefully selected Kuroge Wagyu beef directly.

3. Technology of “Yaki” to bring out the taste. We will confine the taste and smell of meat in a unique way of finishing it as patties for this meat that would otherwise fall apart.

4. Original recipe buns that push the presence of meat to the frontWhile receiving the sweetness of the fat of Kuroge Wagyu beef, firmly supports Patty with a crisp texture.

5. Basic Necessary Basic VegetablesWe add texture and texture with the simplest simple topping of Burger standard.

6. Original source to combine ingredients. The specially made sauce with a moderate acidity accent is a great part to combine each ingredient as one hamburger.

7. Comfortable balance that spreads from the moment you put it in your mouthHamburger lives on balance. We aimed for such a hamburger “It’s rich but you can eat as much as you like.” Enjoy the best harmony with carefully thought out materials.

Foodie Tips
Henry’s Burger has two locations, one in Daikanyama and one in Akihabara. The restaurant is small (not good for big groups and eating in) and english friendly. You can expect to spend at least $10 for the just burger, not including any sides or drinks.

If you’re missing a good old fashioned greasy burger with amazing flavor, definitely stop by Henry’s as it is one our top burger choices in Tokyo.


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