Getting miraDry in Japan | Everything You Should Know

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Getting miraDry in Japan isn’t an easy decision to make. It took me two years! This procedure may be for you though if you struggle with excessive sweat or hyperhidrosis (takansyou 多汗症).

I was “blessed” to have this condition since young. I was a little fed up with dealing with sweat, so I decided that miraDry is the best solution for a sweat-free life!

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  2. The Most Important Question to Ask
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About miraDry

miraDry is the only permanent solution to reduce underarm sweat. This non-surgical procedure not only reduces sweat but also odor as well as hair growth. For most people, a single treatment will give drastic improvements in quality of life; if you have hyperhidrosis, doctors recommend two.

I started researching about miraDry two years ago. I learned about the procedure from online communities and was curious if Japan offers it. Luckily, yes! Many cosmetic dermatology (biyouhifuka 美容皮膚科) clinics offer miraDry.

The Most Important Question to Ask

The eight levels of miraDry in Japan

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  1. What miraDry level will I undergo?

You must ask the clinic what level miraDry you’ll get. I contacted about five clinics in Tokyo and realized that if I went by proximity and price, it would be a mistake.

I initially believed that you’d get the max level automatically; however, I asked one clinic just in case and their response was, “I’m sorry, we don’t disclose the power of the machine and you are not able to choose it.”


That particular one went to my “No” list immediately.

Other Questions to Consider

  1. Do you have “miraDry monitor treatments” (ミラドライ治療モニター)?
  2. What payments do you accept? Credit card or cash?

miraDry is still considered a new treatment as the U.S. FDA approved it in 2011. As a result, quite a few clinics in Japan run monitor treatments. In exchange for a lower price, you answer survey questions. Simply Google “ミラドライ治療モニター” for a list of clinics running this program.

miraDry Pricing

Getting miraDry in Japan isn’t cheap. One treatment can be as high as 385,000 yen and as low as 198,000 yen.

⚠️ Disclaimer: 198,000 yen was the price at the clinic refusing to disclose the miraDry level. It makes you wonder…

💁‍♀️ Tip: If you can’t pay in one go, some clinics let you pay back in monthly installments.

Compared to clinics back in the States, clinics in Japan offer “insurance” deals. These are sometimes called, “保証付きプラン” or “プレミアムミラドライ” depending on the clinic.

For these deals, you can get two or even unlimited treatments to ensure sweat reduction. One clinic offered a max of two treatments for 440,000 yen. For unlimited treatments, one clinic offered a 495,000 yen plan.

Getting a miraDry Consultation

Are you ready to talk to a doctor? Great!

Many clinics offer free consultations. That’s how I started my miraDry journey two years ago. Simply visit the clinic’s homepage and see if they have the option to make an appointment online. Based on my research, the call-to-action buttons were labeled:

  1. メール相談
  2. 来院予約
  3. 無料カウンセリング予約
  4. Webカウンセリング
  5. etc.

I tend to avoid phone calls as much as possible, so it was a relief to book an appointment online.

💁‍♀️ Tip: If you want English support, ask if there’s an English-speaking staff! Most clinic sites don’t indicate if they can or not.

Alternatives to miraDry

no sweat the app

If getting miraDry in Japan isn’t for you, there are other alternatives. The hyperhidrosis community highly recommends iontophoresis, a procedure in which an electrical current passes through your skin.

This is only a temporary relief though, as you cannot stop these iontophoresis treatments. If you forget or are unable to maintain your treatments, you’ll start excessively sweating like usual.

That’s why Skydea is developing No Sweat, a resource to ensure iontophoresis users maximize sweat reduction. With No Sweat, you’ll see how living with excessive sweating is no sweat!

Does this make you more curious about getting miraDry? Check back here to see what post-treatment is like!