11.20-2.11 Fullmetal Alchemist Cafe 2019 at Anipara Cafe Ikebukuro

Full Guide & Review – Eating with Ed, Al, and the gang at FMA Cafe 11/20/2019 – 2/11/2020

FMA Cafe at Anipara Cafe Ikebukuro - Second Round - Tokyo, Japan

The Fullmetal Alchemist Cafe 2019 (FMA Cafe) at Anipara Cafe Ikebukuro is here! The first one ran 11/22/2017 – 2/12/2018 — a good two years before. At this collab cafe, you can dine with Ed, Al, Windy, Roy, and other popular characters in FMA.

As of December 4, you can now make a reservation for the Second Round! There’s a new menu available, so take a look below – they’re updated below the First Round menus. The second round will run from 12/16 – 1/15.

We visited this cafe, so you can get a feel for what it’s like to go there!

What’s cooking at the FMA Cafe?

They have three rounds of menus, and the first is here! The prices are standard for this sort of themed cafe in Tokyo.


First Round Menu (11/20 – 12/15)

Here, we have Ed’s Mini Bean Curry, Pinaco Grandma’s Stew, Ed and Rin’s Leather Boot Soup, The Elric Brothers’ Deserted Island Plate, Envy’s Genovese Pasta, and The Door of Truth Pasta.

Food menu for the FMA Cafe
Food menu for the FMA Cafe

Second Round Menu (12/16 – 1/15)

The second round is here! Makes sense for anyone coming here more than once, since you’ll be able to try out different stuff.

First up, we have Ed’s Day of Promise Omelette Rice, followed by Al’s Hamburger. Below it is Roy’s Rainy Day Eye Salad (oh man I remember that scene ;_; ) and Armstrong’s Family Heirloom Artistic Karaage (uh, that look like his muscles, yes). Finally, we have Havoc’s Shop’s Tri-Colored Fries, Greed’s Greedy Tan-tan Men Noodles, and Pinako-bachan’s Stew.

FMA Cafe Food Menu - Second Round - Tokyo, Japan


First Round Menu (11/20 – 12/15)

They have some cute desserts at the FMA Cafe, including Ed’s watch and a burnt cheesecake by Roy. We saw a lot of people ordering Al’s parfait – must be good. And cute.

Second Round Menu (12/16 – 1/15)

The second round menu is here! For a good month, we have Rust’s Velvet Cake, Scar’s Kinako Parfait “Ishval,” Gluttony’s “Can I Eat This Cream Puff?”, and Briggs’ Special Disgusting Coffee Jelly.

They’re still offering Roy’s Cheesecake, Ed’s watch, and Winry’s apple pie from the previous menu.


First Round Menu (11/20 – 12/15)

Anyone up for those Ed & Al lattes? Super cute. You can buy the mugs in the merch corner too.

Second Round Menu (12/16 – 1/15)

This time around, we have the Milk That Ed Hates, Lan Fan’s Violet Soda, Trapped Envy’s Salty Lychee, Homunclus Soda, and Little Person Inside the Flask Coffee. You can still order Al’s Sesame Drink and the cute mug lattes from the first round.

FMA Cafe Drinks Menu - Second Round - Tokyo, Japan

Free Goodies with Your Order

For each item you order on the menu, you can get one of these original coasters at random. They’re doing rounds for this too, so the pictures will change. And for every time you enter the cafe (versus number of items ordered), you can get a luncheon mat. Yay, free FMA stuff!

Second Round Coasters (12/16 – 1/15)

FMA Cafe Coasters - Second Round - Tokyo, Japan

First Round Coasters (11/20 – 12/15)

Merch at FMA Cafe

You can buy some cool FMA goodies together with your food and drink. There are some original art replicas in here, which is pretty cool.

Do I need a reservation for the Fullmetal Alchemist Cafe?

The answer is yes. A reservation is required to get into the cafe. The times available are below.


Weekends & Holidays

And here are the important parts from the rules on the official site. (Read all of them here)

  • You’ll need an ID to enter that matches your reservation. If you’re traveling, your passport is probably safest.
  • You have to order at least one thing per person at the cafe (you can’t just go there to buy merch).
  • Your reservation is for 90 minutes. (Each of those time chunks is 90 min)
  • If you’re under elementary school age, you need an adult 20 yrs old or over accompanying.

Get a reservation here. Or on their app.

Our Visit to the Fullmetal Alchemist Cafe 2019

We made a reservation and got there fifteen minutes prior to our reservation time. Of course, already a pretty big line. We just needed our full names to get in for this one, though we suggest you bring your ID just in case they ask.

The space at FMA Cafe 

Cute cafe. There’s FMA art everywhere! You can snap some photos with Ed, Al, Roy, and Riza. There’s also a display near the entrance that showcases all the mercy you can buy. 

Even the bathrooms are FMA-decorated. We found Lt. Armstrong inside one of them… probably a bit hard to go with him there, but hilarious all the same. The other bathroom had the 4-panel manga from the books! So much fun and nostalgia.

No joke, we had way too much fun in the bathrooms.

The food and drink at FMA Cafe

It took a bit of time for the food to arrive, so we suggest ordering quickly when you come in. At the same time, that’s a good sign that it’s made fresh. You get 90 minutes for your reservation, which initially we thought was a lot of time, until we realized it takes a while for the orders to come. So you may end up spending a longer time here than expected.

Ed’s Watch Dessert

This was a mix of white chocolate, whipped cream, and a fruit cream inside a monaca shell. The clock’s faces and words were made with edible wrap. Sweet and pretty good. 

Random Character Coffee

Such a cute mug! You can get the mug alone (either Ed or Al) for 1,500 yen, but I just wanted a photo so I grabbed one of the lattes. Got Ed! It was black coffee with some foam on top to support the artwork.

Ordering food and merch

You do it all from one small tablet lying at your table! They’ll deliver all orders including merchandise to your table, and when you’re ready to leave, you take the tablet to the front to pay. 

Underneath the tablet was the luncheon mat, ready for the taking! Make sure you put it away before your food arrives, so you can keep it nice and clean. 

FMA Cafe luncheon mat
We got all the villains. Yay.

How to take home the luncheon mats

Some of these people are regulars, bringing with them plastic cases to put the luncheon mats in! So smart. Makes sense that passing out a piece of paper is still cool, if you can just laminate it. We’ll have to start doing that going forward. 

What’s the clientele like?

We saw a lot of people who came with a friend, but plenty of solo folks as well. We’d say about a good half of the crowd came alone. Everyone was eating and minding their own business. Honestly, if you want to try it out by yourself, you’re in good company. 

“Hope to see you again soon!”

Fullmetal Alchemist Cafe

Hours: See chart above (reservation required)
Dates: 11/20/2019 – 2/11/2020
Closed: TBD (as of writing)
Address: 171-0022 Tōkyō-to, Toshima City, Minamiikebukuro, 1-chōme−26−2 Kindai Group BLD 3rd bldg, 7F
Website: https://hagaren-cafe.com/

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