Farm Tomita

One of Hokkaido’s most famous places for enjoying lavender fields

Hokkaido in the summertime is famous for its fields of lavenders, and what better place to see them than Farm Tomita? This is one of the most popular tourist spots in Hokkaido, with over 2,000 reviews on Google. It’s also free to enter.

The place itself is very easy to understand. It’s literally just fields and fields of flowers, organized beautifully.

Enjoy the flowers, shoot some fun close-up photos, and take a nice stroll around the farm. Their fields vary by season, so it might be good to check their official website first.

Shopping for some floral goodies

Have you gotten your omiyage yet? You can grab some cool floral souvenirs from Farm Tomita’s gift shops, including fun hand creams and lavender perfume (I smelled very lavender after that, lol). If you’re hungry, there are food stands as well. Even if you’re not here to spend, you can still enjoy the floral artwork, which looks quite professional!

Getting to Farm Tomita

We went by car, but apparently, you can get there by train. That said, it can be a long train ride, and much of Hokkaido is hard to get around without a car. So if you’ve just hit Sapporo, a tour of central Hokkaido might be a good idea.

Looking out into the lavender fields
Just relaxing in front of the fields… so many photo ops in this place.

Enjoy your trip, and take some nice photos!

Farm Tomita

Hours: All day (Cafe hours vary; check here)
Price: Free
Address: 15 Kisenkita, Nakafurano-chō, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaidō 071-0704

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