Falafel Brothers

Casual vegan sandwiches and bowls in Roppongi

Falafel Brothers is a small local restaurant serving delicious falafel sandwiches and bowls. There’s usually a line out the door during lunchtime on weekdays, as the working folk gather to grab their lunch. 

The Menu at Falafel Brothers

Lunch menu
Lunch menu

You choose a type, from bowls to sandwiches, and the type of base vegetable. When your order is ready, you can select some toppings, which are pretty much different every time I go. You’ll then choose a sauce to put on your sandwich or bowl. If you choose to eat in the store, there’s a small counter space. Otherwise, you can take your food to go.

I usually get the single half-size sandwich (currently at 550 yen) with kale, which is generally enough food to fill me up. Or, if you want more, you can choose to get a set with fries or soup and a drink.


In the land of yakitori and yakiniku, this place is quite the gem. Very enjoyable, even if you’re not vegan. 

Our Thoughts

Worth the Experience:
Would Come Back Again: ★★★

Great for:
✔︎ Vegans
✔︎ Lunch

Falafel Brothers – Roppongi

Hours: 11:30am – 9pm (Closed Sundays)
Address: 5 Chome-1-10 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0032
Price: 500-1,500 yen
Website: https://www.falafelbrothers.jp/

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