All-you-can-eat strawberries with chocolate fondue at ESOLA Shinjuku

The strawberry buffet at ESOLA Shinjuku

Are you thinking about Hilton’s Strawberry Prima Dessert Buffet and craving that sweet combination of strawberries and chocolate fondue? Then, you need to check out ESOLA Shinjuku. They have the luxury you want all within budgetーa strawberry buffet for 980 yen + tax for 60 minutes. It’s limited-time only, from January 12, 2021 until around the end of March (TBD). Grab your seat before it’s over!

The Menu for ESOLA Shinjuku’s Strawberry Buffet

Strawberries and Chocolate Fondue (980 yen + tax)

Obviously, this course entails endless strawberries. But other than that, you’re free to dip into the chocolate fondue as much as you’d like. With a box of strawberries easily costing you 700 yen in Tokyo, this is a steal. Strawberries tend to be a winter theme in Japan, so this is a seasonal delicacy.

Strawberries, Chocolate Fondue, and All-You-Can-Drink Wine (1,680 yen + tax)

Of course, you can grab more than just sweets in ESOLA Shinjuku. ESOLA is popular for its wine buffet. They have over 100 types of wine to try! For this price, you can get their wine buffet together with the fresh strawberries. Sangria, anyone?

Two sangria drinks with strawberries inside

How do I make a reservation for ESOLA Shinjuku’s Strawberry Buffet?

You can RSVP via Tabelog. You’ll need to create an account with them, or use one of your social media accounts to login. Remember, if you still have your GotoEat coupons, you can use it on Tabelog until March 31.

With its classy interior, ESOLA Shinjuku might be a great Valentine’s Day idea. Itadakimasu!

The interior of ESOLA Shinjuku showcasing their wine collection

ESOLA Shinjuku Strawberry Buffet

Location: 60-0021 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Kabukicho, 1 Chome−16−3, Shinjuku-Building 5F
Price: 980 yen (pre-tax) + 350 yen (seating charge per person, pre-tax)
Hours: 17:00 ~ 23:00 Monday to Friday, 12:00 ~ 23:00 Weekends & Holidays
*During Tokyo’s state of emergency (1/8 – 2/7), hours are reduced to 12:00 ~ 20:00

PR Times:

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