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Harajuku, Tokyo

Famous for Japan’s youth culture, fashion, colorful street art and sweets. A popular tourist destination in Tokyo – you can explore trendy boutique clothing shops, cosplay and vintage shops and take a break at specialty desserts, cafes and sweets shops.

A gathering place for street fashion and kawaii culture

Harajuku is internationally known for its trendy fashion and style and has become a popular tourist attraction for visitors in Tokyo. On the surface it may appear to be a tourist trap with the influx of foreigners but looking closer and exploring the side streets, you will still find a collection of creative and independent shops looking to make its mark.

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Popular Attractions and Shopping in Harajuku

Food, Cafes and Sweets in Harajuku

Coffee and Cafes

Burn Side St Cafe

Coffee and Cafes

The Roastery




Wara Tako

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Owl Cafe Harajuku

Owl Cafe - Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

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Hedgehog Cafe Harry Harajuku

Harry Hedgehog Cafe - Tokyo, Japan

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