Cardcaptor Sakura Cafe: Colorful à la mode Review

Some of us grow up to be magical girls, and some of us go to magical girl collab cafes for the next best thing.

On a busy Sunday afternoon, we headed to 6F of the bustling Shibuya Parco to attend the Cardcaptor Sakura “Colorful à la mode” cafe (right near the Official Nintendo Store) at the TOKYO PARADE goods&cafe. 

Cardcaptor Sakura window decals

The most kawaii exterior.

Weekends generally tend to be pretty busy so a reservation is recommended. Online reservations for the Colorful à la mode cafe cost 600 yen per table (maximum 2 people per table). Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. For weekdays, walk-ins should be fine!

Cafe Interior

The interior of the Cardcaptor Sakura cafe
Scenes of the anime on the wall
The Cardcaptor Sakura characters on a wall

Interior shots.

A table in the Cardcaptor Sakura cafe with graphics of pink treats

Each seat comes with an original illustration paper lunch mat that you can roll up to take home! There are 2 designs in total.

Food + Drinks

There’s a rather extensive menu selection with great aesthetics and decent portions! A lot of collab cafes can be a bit meh on the flavor side but this Cardcaptor Sakura one was pretty good.

Here are a few of our selections:

An afternoon tea set with cakes and a drink

Definitely had to get the special menu for two: Sakura and friends sweets ♡ party set (さくらとみんなでスイーツ♡パーティセット).  It’s actually so much food and comes with 2 non-alcoholic fizzy berry drinks! [3,960 YEN]

Mille crepes and chocolate cakes with drinks

Top plate: mille crêpes (love the Clow Book design!), grape jelly, chocolate cake.

Macaron, cupcakes, crème brûlée

Middle plate: macaron, cupcakes, crème brûlée.

The bottom plate of the afternoon tea: scones, mini meat bun, sesame balls, sweet egg omelette sandwich, roast beef sandwich.

Bottom plate: scones, mini meat bun, sesame balls, sweet egg omelette sandwich, roast beef sandwich.

A cheese souffle omurice with beef stew

Because food is our reason for living, we also got Touya’s cheese souffle omurice ~with beef stew~ (桃矢のチーズスフレオムライス ~ビーフシチュー添え~) despite being quite full. The rice is hiding under that thick omelette! Tasted like big bro’s love. [1,430 YEN]

A white mocktail

Yue’s white mocktail (月のホワイトモクテル). Not gonna lie, this purported to be grapefruit flavor with a yogurt base and just tasted like some strange sour liquid, so I wouldn’t recommend it. The drink eventually curdled as well!! [880 YEN]


A handful of Cardcaptor Sakura merch
Cardcaptor Sakura earrings
A desk of Cardcaptor Sakura merchandise

Some of the merch available in the cafe goods section. This section is free to enter and doesn’t require you to actually eat at the cafe! Check out the full list of available merch on the official website.

Bonus Items

A lunch mat

This plastic lunch mat comes as a bonus item for ordering the sweets party set.

Coasters you can get with your purchase

Every order of food or a drink comes with a clear coaster with original art. They’re given at random with a total of 13 designs. These are the ones we got; Kero is so cute!

A bonus card you get for attending the cafe

Bonus card you get for attending the cafe. Total of 3 designs of Sakura in her different dresses!

Leaving the Cafe

Different from the usual collab cafe, at Cardcaptor Sakura Cafe: Colorful à la mode, you actually pay for everything before you enter. You’re handed the menu while standing in line and you only get the one chance to decide what you want to order for the entire meal. A staff member takes your order while in line and you pay for the whole thing before being seated.

The cost is a bit pricier than the average collab cafe but with the strong aesthetics and good flavor, we were very happy that most things tasted as good as they looked (better step it up, Yue mocktail, you aren’t passing the Final Judgment like this)!

Nitty Gritty Details

Café Period for Colorful à la mode cafe in Tokyo

Period 1: Nov. 13 to Nov. 30, 2021
Period 2: Dec. 1 to Dec. 20, 2021
Period 3: Dec. 21 to Jan. 10, 2021

This cafe is separated into 3 periods with certain menu items only available in each particular period. Please check the ticketing site to confirm details!


TOKYO PARADE goods&cafe

TOKYO PARADE goods&cafe
Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Udagawacho 15-1 
Shibuya PARCO 6F