Cape Noshappu (Noshappu Misaki)

A beautiful stopping point on your northern Japanese journey

On a road trip through northern Hokkaido? Then stop by at Cape Noshappu (Noshappu Misaki ノシャップ岬) before you hit Cape Soya.

You’ll find a dolphin monument, based on an old legend about a dolphin passing by this cape. Also, the sunset here is gorgeous, according to people’s photos. I came by very early in the morning and missed that, but the lighting at least was very good!

What does “noshappu” mean?

Well, in the Ainu language, “nosshamu” (ノッ・シャム) means two things: “a cape that sticks out like a chin” and “a place where waves break.” The eastern tip of Cape Nosappu derives its name from the same place, though the vibe there is very different from here. They’re only eight hours apart, so make sure you’re going to the right one!

Dolphin monument of Cape Noshappu
Why not selfie with the cute dolphin?
Beautiful sunrise
We went pretty early in the morning. No one around! Such a refreshing view.

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