Billboard Live Tokyo

One of the nicest live houses in Tokyo

We went to see BONNIE PINK at the Billboard Live Tokyo in Roppongi Midtown. Here’s the scoop on what it’s like to be at one of the fanciest live houses in Tokyo!

Getting Tickets

Like many other concerts, tickets were sold on Ticket Pia, one of Japan’s major ticketing sites. The price of our seats was around 8,000 yen each. So yeah, you’ll only be seeing relatively big names at this place. 

You may want to check with their official site to see what’s available — and just a warning, but tickets sell out fast. 

Eating and Drinking at Billboard Live Tokyo

When you walk in, you’re able to purchase a drink and food to enjoy before or during the show. 

We each got A Perfect Sky (1,300 yen) and their dessert platter to share (2,300 yen). It’s cool because they created a cocktail specifically for the performer. 

If you meant for this to be a fancy dinner, there’s a couple of full course menus for 5,000 – 8,000 yen. Otherwise, they have a lot of fancy drinks, some appetizers, and some desserts.

Our thoughts about Billboard Live Tokyo

Wow, this was a very nice experience. The sound quality is great, and overall it’s kind of a magical experience because the curtains in the back open up mid-show to reveal the Midtown lights at night. 

We saw a lot of couples here, but also many fans who came alone. We’d go again if there’s an artist we like playing! 

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